Humanized Organisational

The conventional mass-market approach never succeeded in Life Science recruitment. And it never will. We thrive to understand the uniqueness of your organization, so we can elevate your success.

How you find, approach and assess candidates in Life Science is different than in any other industry. Our clients’ success emanates from making each employee match their organization in deep detail.

Дали познаваме изцяло значимостта на емоциите в бизнеса? Дали важността на резултатите и постиженията трябва да е с цената на усещането за удовлетворение? И дали именно емоциите не могат да бъдат ключово бизнес предимство? „Оказва се, че хората са много повече чувстващи същества, които мислят, отколкото мислещи, които чувстват.“ С подобни заглавия излязоха редица водещи бизнес издания в началото на рецесията още през 2007 година. Така, окончателно погребвайки идеята за „хомо икономикус“ – супер рационалният човек-компютър в бизнеса.



Humanized Recruitment

A result-focused, people-aligned approach, specifically adapted to thrive within the Life Science industry.

Trainee Academies

An efficient instrument for breeding qualified specialist-level candidates. Designed to utilize most current market conditions. The Trainee Academy is a development program that blends core business competencies and domain-specific training.

Executive Results Coaching

An innovative methodology for leadership development. Adaptive and personalized with broader focus and a comprehensive set of tools for intervention. 

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Human Behavior Understanding

We utilize our in-depth knowledge in psychology into the recruitment process, uniquely adapting it to the business needs.

Life Science Industry Experience

Our 30 years of combined experience within the Healthcare sector gives us industry insights, which lead to adequately addressing its specific recruitment needs.

Business Management Expertise

Finance, strategic planning, sales, law, human capital. We facilitate a full spectrum of business management aspects. You will receive an integrated solution, aligned with your tactical and strategic business goals.

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Regulatory Chief Operations Officer

Taking advantage of the market conditions Brief text: Based on combination of core business competencies and domain-specific trainings, the LS Trainee Academy is a strategic tool for unconventional recruitment.

Building a national team

Consultancy support in building the local team of a global CRO, one of the largest providers of Development Consulting, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management & Compliance and Pharmacovigilance worldwide.

Regulatory Chief Operations Officer

We have supported a Canadian biotech company that wanted to expand its business into the European markets. It had chosen Bulgaria as a location to set up the legal entity and production facilities.


New employees.
New opportunities.
Greater results.