We are

Humanly Professional

We integrate deep human behavior understanding, experience in Life Science business management and recruitment craftsmanship to uphold your growth with a suite of niche competencies.


How we started

In 2017 Georgi Kolev and Jivko Ivanov combined their expertise in Life Science and people management and started an in-house Human Capital department in Simbula, aimed to attract, develop and retain employees for a group of Healthcare companies. Their focus was on remedying the inherited people management practices, but on the side, they created an award-winning recruitment process. After a glimpse at the service demand, in 2020 they dedicated the recruitment service into a new company and focused into the broader realm of Healthcare & Life Science businesses, where their expertise would matter the most.


What we value

We implement a better way of recruitment. A symbiosis between humanized approach and business expertise where organizations and candidates correspond professionally and personally, rather than being solely CV-functions compliant.

And we are immensely dedicated to it. Our people set us apart. With diverse strengths but shared values, we’re passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do.


We live for it. Intense and purposeful, our growth is powered by curiosity rather than feeling of scarcity or sense of lack. We are curious to uncover what is possible to obtain and how would we transform in the process. We strive to emulate Life itself – ever-evolving in complexity of expression.

Business roots

As aspirational and romantic as growth can be, after all, we are a business organization. As such we are strongly rooted in the business reality. Combining our experience of managing projects in various functional and industrial domains we’ve adapted our approach for the Life Science realm. Every step of our Human Capital Management process is interpreted as a business result to form an adequate base for managing it.

Human power

Each person is a completely unique combination of character traits! This is a fact.
In every interaction with people we seek to look beyond their verbal expressions and autobiographical context to acknowledge their intrinsic beliefs, values, needs and potentials. We endeavor to create environment of synchronicity, so that the successful outcome is just a matter of time.


Our team

Explore our integrated expertise to elevate your team development.