Headcount Management

Share the administration and scale your growth.

Headcount management or staff leasing is an alternative way of hiring employees. Its purpose is to increase headcount while reducing employers’ risk and administrative load. By using a Dedicated Employer Organization, you reduce labor administrative tasks, HR functions, and legal complications. You share a significant segment of your workload, which allows you to invest it in growing your business.

Value added

Reduce expenses

Focus on your business growth

Lower the employment risks

Minimize administrative workload

Decrease legal complications

Utilize buffer of employees in workload peaks

Bypass the headcount budget restrictions

Leverage of the direct access to a Bulgarian legal entity

  • Managing the hiring process of the employees.
  • Sharing the future employment risks, as maternity and sick leaves.
  • Administrating payroll, tax and related reporting.
  • Handling documentation, as job offers, onboarding paperwork, contracts, etc.
  • Executing employment law functions.

You receive a full spectrum of Headcount Management.

Additional service

For people who care about the details, we created a way to calculate future expenses. We can collate your expenditures managing the labor administration on your own by outsourcing it through us. Within a consultation, we provide you with a picture of a long-term financial situation and you can decide which suits you better.

Dedicate yourself to the functions you are best in.