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Our approach. Explained.

Whether you operate in Clinical Trials, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnologies, Medical Devices, or any other Life Science field – your recruitment solution needs to be specifically adapted based on multiple criteria. Our recruitment approach is different but effective. We partner with key industry experts to identify ideal candidates, build assessment strategies, prevent mismanagement risks and ensure employee retention.

We’ve identified 3 main areas which have the most impact on the success of the recruitment process.

Although specific knowledge and previous experience have a significant role when recruiting a new employee, they are not the main factor for success. In most cases, values and personalities mismatch of the candidate and the hiring manager, team or organization is the lead reason causing failure of the hiring result.

That is why we concentrate on assessment of the personal profiles of all related parties – hiring manager, direct reports, other team members and external clients. We then utilize and center the selection criteria around it so we can ensure a clear match candidate.

We understand and interpret recruitment as a business process. As such we first evaluate the specific business need behind the position. We then translate it into measurable results to design an efficient clear-step strategy.

Using corresponding business metrics, we identify the point of investment return and track the overall financial efficiency of the process.  

We integrate the results of the previous two stages to design individual recommendations for creating the induction protocol of the new employee. They are targeted at distinct areas of development to provide efficient integration within the team and the overall

organizational culture. Also, pin-pointing areas in which potential challenges may arise and how they can be prevented. 

Guide through our process.

Although the recruitment process we use follows the general industry standard, we’ve implemented our specific approach into it.

Before beginning a new project, it is important to have an initial consultation in order to make the best decision for your organization. We strive to understand the challenges and the opportunities you want to address and provide you with comprehensive information on how we can support you.  If we align, we will take on the responsibility to partner with you to excel your development goals.

We meet to discuss thoroughly your challenges and future plans. We go through an in-depth understanding of the specifics of your business, personal values and recruitment needs.

We define the professional and character requirements for the desired candidate. We provide you with a tailor-made solution that will address your short-term and long-term goals. Then we perform adapted sourcing approaches to attract potential candidates. We will periodically provide you with information to clearly track the progress of your search.

We first assess the wider group of candidates through validated behavioral methods for professional and personal compliance. You receive detailed profiles of the best matches. We focus on providing you with qualified perfect-match candidates instead of quantity of interviewed ones. You decide with which ones you want to proceed further and we give you the opportunity to interview them with us if you want or do it on your own.

We discuss the pros and cons of the different candidates together with you and determine the best approach towards negotiation and offering.

We advise you on how to best administer the employment relationship with your new colleague. For more information see our Headcount Management service.

Translate your business philosophy into recruitment action steps.