Trainee Academies

Hires that scale.

Leveraging of the labor market conditions.

Based on blend of core business competencies and domain-specific trainings, the Life Science Trainee Academy is a strategic tool for unconventional recruitment.

Market context

Bulgaria is already recognizable as a regional Life Science hub. Over the last decade the Bulgarian Life Science industry went through an intense development both in size and complexity of functions.

That growth process affected the labor market leading to an intensified price-driven competition to attract talent.

In combination with the limited candidate pool, that posted a challenge for headcount growth and sourcing candidates.

The traditional method of sourcing is limited and not effective within the current market landscape. The Academy is designed to leverage of the larger pool of candidates with no professional experience in the field.

Demonstrated results

Add Your In 6-months period your academy trainees will reach and even surpass the competency level required for the specialist-level functions by industry standard.

On an average the investment reaches a break-even point on month 4 of the program. The trainees add business value equivalent and often greater to the cost of hire almost directly.

The Academy improves the retention within the company as it focuses on motivational factors outside direct pay (salary and bonuses) and puts emphasis on long-term career development.

Additional benefits

The Academy provides an effective pool of junior talent that can be utilized for future projects (3-6 months ahead).

The trainees can be considered in inter-company project-bids as they are already hired and in-training.

The Academy consists of two pillars of development

Professional training provided by the company and facilitated by InDAVOR

  • Each trainee has an assigned mentor that supports him during the training process.
  • The trainee undergoes detailed position-related training that is needed for the relevant standard of the company.
  • If the client does not have specific induction and functional training, InDAVOR can assist in designing them.

Core business competences provided by InDAVOR

  • In addition to the job-related trainings the participants are assigned in a comprehensive professional development. 
  • It covers core business competences with a more general focus and highly applicable for different business functions.
  • Specific topics suited for the needs of the company –  Project Tracking, Time Management, Communication, etc.

InDAVOR can support you
by facilitating different aspects of the Academy

  • Mentor consulting
  • Administration
  • Curriculum design
  • Training delivery & organization
  • Hiring and recruiting

Examine alternative way of recruitment to save costs and access highly-potential capacity.